Makeup lessons whilst going through treatment

26957E27-8E02-406C-8772-08211F6A3F7ELast week I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful lady who had booked a makeup lesson with me. She booked the lesson to update her makeup, adapting it to changes currently happening in her life. P is currently undergoing chemotherapy and has found the affects of treatment made her want to learn how to define her face now that she has started to lose her hair. In her email she wasn’t sure whether this was something I could help with but I quickly responded to say ‘yes of course I can!’

It occurred to me that I don’t make it known this is something I can help with.

There are charities ‘Look good feel better’ that operate within hospitals and offer makeup guidance. Unfortunately the two hospitals local to me do not offer this. P Bee wanted more of a one to one lesson.  Please read her kind words as she shares her makeup lesson experience.

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