Wedding Fair season


October is a crazy time in the wedding industry. Every couple are looking for that perfect supplier who will help fulfill their vision.  One of the best ways to do this is at a wedding fair. This time of year they are popping up all over so won’t be hard to find one local to you.

Wedding fairs can sometimes feel overwhelming, don’t worry you are not alone. A really good tip is to choose one that you will benefit from, maybe the venue where you are getting wed. The suppliers will be relevant to you and even better recommended by the venue.

Suppliers are there to offer their services,  guide you and offer inspiration. Remember they have been doing it a long time and have some great ideas! Making a connection is so important, knowing that you have 100% confidence in them will take away so much stress.

So enjoy the wedding fair season. Go with an open mind, make some great contacts and drink/eat plenty of the free champagne and canapés!

I will be exhibiting this Sunday 14th October at the amazing Stoke Place Hotel Stoke Poges 12pm-3pm

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