Six things you MUA wishes you knew about your wedding day makeup


1. At the make-up trial, think about your choice of clothing: preferably something plain that wont influence the make-up

Remember your make-up is not designed to pop down the shops in – it’s to compliment the most beautiful dress you will ever wear in your life! Therefore, it needs to look flawless, radiant and defined, and perhaps this will mean slightly more than you are used to.

2. Providing images to create a mood board for inspiration is a great idea, but please be realistic

Don’t be too tempted to try something different; after all, you still want to feel like you. Try and avoid make-up trends: this can date your make-up and you want your pictures to remain timeless.

3. Trust me!

Yes, it’s that simple. I know the best products and colours to use on your face for your wedding day. We both want the same thing – for you to look gorgeous  I’m not going to pull out any crazy eyeshadow colours… Just take a deep breath and enjoy having your make-up done!

4. Look after your skin: drink lots of water and moisturise

Having a good canvas to work from will give a much better end-result. Dehydrated skin can be hard to work with and can make a foundation base look much heavier than it is. Make-up ends up sitting on the skin, rather than blending with it and prevents your natural beauty from shining through.

5. In order for all your bridal party to look fabulous try and encourage them to have their make-up professionally applied

I’m afraid you can always spot the bridesmaid who hasn’t and it can effect the overall look.

6. And on the big day…

You’ve planned this day for months – maybe even years. There’s nothing more you can do, so now is the time to sit back, relax and enjoy the experience of being pampered. It’s your day – treasure the memories.



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